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Christian blogger, author and student of God’s Word.

You might be wondering, “Who is this guy?”

I think I probably represent the average Christian American with a not so average take on things.  I found the Lord Jesus to be real in my life on January 23, 1980.  I can honestly say that, while I have not always been the best “me” I can be, something happened that night between the time I went down in the water and when I came back up again.  Something radical. Something capable of changing my life.  I know this because…that is what it did – it changed my life.  I’ve never been the same.

I have five spectacular adult children and six fantastic grandchildren.  I live in the Milwaukee area where I write, teach and do a little consulting.

So, why this eBook?  I don’t know.  I think there are things that need to be reexamined – a lot of things. Some of these things have not been scrutinized in a very long time and have come to enjoy unchallenged acceptance. That is not a good thing. Why should we believe that these things are the way they seem just because they have been accepted as such for millennia. Are we to believe that new discoveries in virtually every discipline on the planet should have no effect on the way we see our faith? I am not talking about  “the” faith, but the impact of developments on “our” faith – the things we have come to believe that exist in and around “the” faith.

Wonder what I am talking about? Come along for the ride and I will show you.

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