Table of Contents

Statue of s Greek man holding a globe on his shoulders
Atlas, of Greek Mythology, holding the earth on his shoulders

Each item in this table of contents is a link to the corresponding chapter. Readers can always navigate back to this page to find additional content they desire to see or click on the “Next Post” link at the bottom of the page being read to continue to the next chapter.

Clicking on the last link at the bottom of this page will take the reader to the Tables page where there are downloadable tables of research that have been referenced in the chapters and a glossary of terminology used.


Chapter One – The Soul of Western Thought

Chapter Two – The Church and Plato

Chapter Three – Old School

Chapter Four – Sheol’s Younger Twin

Chapter Five – Hell on Earth

Chapter Six – Better to be a One-Eyed Christian

Chapter Seven – Gehenna

Chapter Eight – The Rich Man and Lazarus

Chapter Nine – May We Steal Your Hell?

Chapter Ten – Why it Matters

Appendix A – Save Your Breath

Appendix B – Tartarus

Appendix C – Summing it Up

Appendix D – 45 Billion Bodies are Somewhere

Appendix E – Questions and Answers


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